Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book my session?

I recommend that clients book their session about two months in advance to when they need their products in hand. This allows for clients to get the date of their choosing before I am booked up! Since I’m a one woman show weekends fill up super quick so it’s NEVER too early to email me to set a date! Keep in mind your photo reveal appointment will be approximately 2-3 weeks after your photo session and products take another week to come in after that.

Where will my session be?

I have a studio right on the water on Front Street in Newburgh, New York! It’s a great location with easy access from just about anywhere. The studio has beautiful white brick walls with real wood floors from when the building was a pocketbook factory! There’s a mixture of white and black walls that allows me to offer light & airy AND dark & moody images. I do also shoot on location when it is requested. Scheduling needs to be done a little further in advance and there is a small additional fee!


When and how will I pick my favorite images from my session?

You will pick your images at your in-person photo reveal and ordering appointment 2-3 weeks after your photo session. This appointment is so important because I will be there to help you choose between images, assist you in getting a variety of images for your album and wall art pieces as well as showing you similar images side by side to help you pick!

Some clients travel in from far out of town for their sessions and it wouldn’t be practical to have them come back to the studio for the photo reveal. For these clients I will send their images with watermarks in an online gallery for them to view. This takes place in the same timeline as an in-person photo reveal and ordering appointment, 2-3 weeks.

What do your packages include? How much should I expect to spend?


A boudoir experience with me starts at $1000+tax. That includes a one hour photo shoot, professional makeup application, the retouching of your images, an in-person photo viewing appointment for you to order photo products a la carte. It also includes a 5x5 mini album with 15 of your favorite images from your session. At your photo reveal session you will receive 10% off any additional products you’d like to purchase such as an upgrade such as album upgrades, web-res digitals, wall art, prints, etc.

My packages range from $1000-$2500; clients spend about $1600 (on average) for their session and the products they desire. Clients always tell me how they can’t believe how many images they just CAN’T live without!

*My prices are subject to change. Sales tax is added to all packages.

This is the most popular question I get and it has the most simple answer…Whatever you want! You should choose things that you feel sexy in, whether that means a bodysuit, an oversized sweater, high waist panties, a bra and matching panty, a robe, jeans…basically all the things you already have in your closet. Wardrobe is different for every client. Some women wear all lingerie, some women choose to go fully nude for one of their looks, some women land somewhere in between them both. Your session is one hour long which leaves time for three “looks” or outfits (nude counts as an outfit)! Once you’ve completed the booking process with me you will receive a wardrobe guide that will teach you about all the different wardrobe options for your session!

What do I wear to my session?


Clients who book with me receive a complete guide with every single detail about preparing for their session. This guide covers how you should prepare your mind, body & soul (okay, maybe I got a little carried away) but it’s filled with information to make your session the best it can be!

What should I do to prepare for my session?


This is such a controversial and touchy subject. My job is to make a woman as good as she looks in person, if not better. While I do my best to make my clients skin look amazing, my editing style is very subtle. I will edit out minor blemishes and skin flaws as well as things like under-eye circles and scars (unless you’d rather not have them edited). My thoughts on editing is that if it will be on your skin a month from now, it stays. As for stretch marks, most women have them, and my skin softening software usually makes them barely visible. If you decide you want more extensive editing we can discuss that at your photo reveal session but it does cost extra. Again, my job is to make YOU see how BEAUTIFUL you ARE, not to change who you are.

How much can you edit out?

I will book sessions Monday-Sunday depending on my schedule. Weekends are the most requested which means they are the first to book. Don’t wait to book your session. The sooner you’re scheduled the better!

What days can I book a session?


YES! My payment plans are SUPER popular! I also accept credit cards!

Are payment plans available?


I see all of the women you post and they look great but what if I don’t look like a model and don’t want my images posted online?

That’s such a nice compliment! The women I photograph are just regular women who step out of their comfort zone, just like you! BUT all of my clients images are safe and private unless they sign a model release that gives me permission to share them. Just remember, you might love your images so much that you won’t mind them being shared. It’s always the women who want to keep them private whose images will inspire other women to step out of their comfort zones too!


Yes! I love photographing families, engagements, weddings, and all the other goods! My specialization is in boudoir but I still do everything else too!

Do you still shoot families and weddings?