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Hey! I'm April Vidal.

I started shooting mainly Boudoir in 2015 after years of dabbling in all types of photography. Boudoir captured a side of me that I didn't even know existed but that was dying to come out! Back then I was struggling with PTSD and trying to see where I fit in this crazy big world. When I photographed my first client, I knew I found my calling. 

I am the full-time owner/photographer/business manager/bookkeeper/marketing executive/social media manager of this awesome business. My business allows me to live a life I love by helping others create lives they love, one woman at a time. 

My clients range from women who lost a few pounds and are starting to feel confident to women who are recently divorced and have lost all confidence. You don't need confidence to book a session, the experience will provide you with the confidence you could ever dream of having!

I welcome every woman with open arms into my studio no matter the circumstance for her booking a session. I believe that EVERYBODY should do a shoot and I believe that EVERY BODY needs to be photographed. We all need at least one big ass picture hanging up on our wall showing how truly BADASS we are!

My clients come to me to find a piece of them that has gone missing or maybe was never there at all. I help them heal, to find confidence and beauty in the woman looking back at them in the mirror. In return, they heal me.